V-World Farm

A partnership between V-Day and the 11th Hour Project, the V-World Farm is a sustainable farm based on 338 hectares of arable land located near the village of Nyanghezi, about 30 km South of Bukavu, approximately 20 km South of the City of Joy.

The V-World Farm is a lush expanse of land with carrot, cassava, corn, tomato, soya, and bean crops. The grounds include Tilapia ponds and many pigs. Our plan is to develop the farm into a functioning and commercially successful model over the next 10 years, to be run by women survivors who will live there to form a farming cooperative. The cooperative will tend to the land and also train participants at the City of Joy in sustainable farming methods.

Already, V-World farm is providing a bounty of crops that are being consumed at the City of Joy.